17-year-old girl agreed to die, even though she had just become a mother! This story shows how unfair life sometimes is!

When you’re a teenager, you want to take everything that life offers to you. Everything that’s off limits and all rules are for others, but not you. Most young people begin to try what is illegal, explore boundaries and begin to cross them. It’s natural that everyone is looking for their own path. Life later verifies whether it was good choice and one that made sense.

Life often shows that it has other plans for us, and can change in just a few moments. That’s what teenage Jenny experienced, who in a matter of a few days faced life changing and dramatic decisions.


Jenny was a normal teenager, with the normal joys and troubles of her age. She liked hanging out with friends, had a boyfriend and went to school. Nothing out of the ordinary. Until she began to suffer from headaches. Initially, she disregarded the symptoms, but they continuously intensified. They were so strong and trying that the teenager and her mother went to the doctor.


The diagnosis sounded like a court sentencing – inoperable brain tumor. The girl’s life collapsed. The only possibility of recovery was long and devastating to the body chemotherapy. Everybody supported her – her whole family, friends and boyfriend. It looked like everything was going to be fine.


However, tests found that Jenny is pregnant, and that disqualified treatment. She had to choose between having an abortion and undergoing treatment or no treatment and giving birth to the baby.

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