20 historical photographs that changed the way we see the world! You’ve got to see them!

The year 1839 is considered the official date that photography was invented. The method presented by Louis Jacques Daguerre turned out to be a breakthrough. The French inventor got a very clear image on a bronze plate, which was later called a photograph. A lot has changed since then.

The technique of photography grew quickly, and cameras became everyday items. Thanks to them, we were able to capture some historical moments that people are still interested today. See how it once looked!

1. The real Winnie the Pooh and Chris (Christopher Robin). The picture is from 1927.


2. Hitler training a speech in front of the mirror (1952).


3. The first McDonald’s (1948).


4. Elvis Presley in the Army (1958).


5. The first Coca-Cola in France. (1950).