20 historical pictures that touched us last year

Last year has already become history and with it, so have the many events and moments that united all people, but which could also divide them. Many people summarize this year negatively through the prism of politics and world events. But, aside from big events, we often lived through small and everyday emotions and joys. Minor events or accidently captured pictures show that the world hasn’t quite become dog-eat-dog.

Let’s see what good news has surprised us 😉

1. A man buys turtles, which are intended to be eaten and lets them free in the ocean.


2. Neighbors secretly learned sign language so they could greet a deaf neighbor.


3. An employee of a restaurant helps an elderly man eat his meal.


4. A young man, who was struggling for a long time trying to tie his tie, was aided by an older man.


5. A smiling donkey rescued from a flood.