20 thoughts that will make you a happy person!

Sometimes in life we ​​are met with things that we have no control over and make us worry a lot. At such times, you should remember that it’s only temporary and you should just simply find positive things that will help you get through it. We are made of our great and small achievements, but also failures. So, in order to not get caught up with the latter, it’s worth remembering a few simple rules.

Here are 20 sentences worth keeping in mind!

1. “I can’t control everything that happens to me. I can only control my reaction to such events. And my reaction is my strength.”

2. “I won’t think about how it was and how it could be. I’ll think about what to do now.”

3. “I accept what happens to me and I’ll find the best solution.”

4. “I admit to my mistakes, because it’s better than pretending to be perfect.”

5. “I’ll never be as good as people say I am when I win, and I’ll never be as hopeless as people say I am when I lose.”