21 sensational pictures, which show that the world is full of emotion, feelings and caring gestures

You do not always need to use words to tell someone something important. Sometimes just simple gestures can express what we think and feel completely. If we have a problem with talking about our emotions, we just show them, while attempting to change the world for the better.

How do you properly and vividly describe love, compassion, sadness, fear or concern? What words can be used to so you’re well understood? Unfortunately, sometimes it is difficult to express the essence of what you feel with words. When in lack of some appropriate phrases you can refer to images that show how some emotions are implemented and hidden in small gestures and glances. Here are 21 images with overflowing emotions that move and force you to think.

1. Acceptance

Coming to terms with the transience of life allows one to better enjoy it.


2. Patience

Helps to get through difficult times.


3. Perseverance

Helps fight against adversity.


4. Warmth

Everyone needs a gesture of friendship.