23 years ago, they adopted a little bear. Today, he is their best friend

Adopting animals is a beautiful gesture that should be practiced as often as possible. Mostly young and healthy animals leave shelters. The old and ill usually finish their lives in cramped kennels, not knowing what love and care really is.

Usually, people choose to take in a dog or cat. In this case, however, it was different. A Russian couple, Svetlana and Yuroy Panteleenko, decided to give a bear a home. He became an orphan, being only 3 months old. Poachers shot his mother and Panteleenko’s family took him under their roof. They named him Stepan and looked after him as best they could.


The whole family agrees that the pet is not aggressive. He loves to be in the company of people and reportedly even became friends with their dog. Taking care of such a furry being is a considerable expense. The bear eats approx. 55 pounds of fish, vegetables and eggs per day!



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