25 shocking images, which show that the world is threatened by serious danger. Let’s start finally paying attention to what’s going on around us!

Ecology and environmental protection have recently become very popular ideas that almost everyone has heard of, yet few people know how environmental protection should be practiced. The environment’s condition has gotten very bad, and worst of all, this process is still continuing. We should have both a greater awareness of the threats posed by increased globalization and the knowledge of how to take care of our beautiful green planet.

The greatest amount of pollution obviously comes from the energy industry, which is generating a huge amount of harmful compounds and airborne ash, but remember that protecting the environment is an action that concerns all of us. The choices you and me make, your bathroom, kitchen, garage, garden, walk-in closet… Ecology starts closest to man, in our homes, apartments, schools. So, let’s first start with ourselves and remember that by damaging the environment, we harm ourselves and also the environment in which we live.

1. Burning rainforests.



2. A man who can’t stand the smell coming from the river.



3. Elephant killed by poachers.



4. The remains of fallen trees (construction of a dam in Oregon).



5. A polar bear, who died of starvation.