25 the most beautiful and unique dogs in the world. We wants them all! Number 8 is wonderful!

The domestic dog is a domesticated version of a grey wolf – predatory mammal of the Canidae family. Over the years many new races were created, sometimes significantly different from each other. They are characterized by a distinct morphology and useful features. Primary races were developed by the pressure of the environment. Nowadays races are created by selection.

From time to time we meet dogs that are quite unique. They have an exceptional and unique look that makes it impossible to take one’s eyes off them. I think all of us would like to stop for a moment to admire their beauty. See the greatest of them!

1. This dog’s fur is unique because of vitiligo. I must admit that it adds to its charm.


2.This pet is a mix of the Australian Cattle breeds. Beautiful brown dots are unique.


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3. The zebra-dog. It’s beautiful, isn’t it?



  1. nichole
  2. Maddie
  3. Vivian
  4. ang