3 friends took a selfie together. After two years a strange situation took place. Is it a coincidence or stalking?

Every day on the streets, in restaurants, in public transport, parks, and many other places you can see people who are taking selfies. Taking pictures in public places has its drawbacks because sometimes it could happen that someone accidentally or deliberately ruins the pic.

Airplane trips aren’t common for most people, so a selfie on board to remember that day seems to be justified. That’s exactly the type of photograph that three friends took together, flying from Newcastle on their exotic vacation. They didn’t expect that in some time that picture would intrigue them and thousands of people on social media.


Sharon, Samantha and Elaine smiled for a selfie on a plane, but apart from them, the smiling face of a young boy appeared in the picture too. At that time there was nothing abnormal about it, but after two years, the situation took on a different meaning.

This image is no different than others, but only until…
selfie (2)

The friends often traveled together, so two years later, they were flying on vacation again. Sharon, Samantha and Elaine were once again quickly taking some memorable photos, and again their attention was brought to a masculine man’s face in the background. After a moment’s thought, the women remembered that they had already seen the passenger who was sitting three rows behind them somewhere before.

Two years later a second selfie was taken, this one also shows the young boy.

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