3 harmful substances that should not be in nail polish. Be sure to check their ingredients!

Painted with lacquer nails look really good. Before an important event or meeting with friends, we often want to make our hands look aesthetical. We put on our nail a layer of colored polish without wondering what might be the consequences. You have to remember that it’s primarily chemicals that may harm health.

Today we take a closer look at 3 ingredients that absolutely should not be in the polish. Each of them can lead to damage in the central nervous system. These chemical irritants cause poisoning, nausea, drowsiness and breathing problems.


1. Nitrocellulose

The substance used in the production of adhesives, paints and smokeless powder. Thanks to them, the polish easily adheres to the nail plate and solidifies in the form of a single layer.


2. Dibutyl phthalate

It’s suspected that the substance interferes with the human endocrine system. It’s added to adhesives and printer inks.