3 simple rules that will make you a happy person!

Matthieu Ricard is a French-born Buddhist monk, translator, photographer and author who writes books and articles about Buddhist principles. He considers himself to be the happiest man on earth and by proving it to everyone around him, it seems to be true.

Interestingly, Ricard had a doctorate in biochemistry and worked in the profession, however, his trip to Tibet has changed him completely. He became a monk and accompanied Dalai Lama XIV as his “right hand.” Take a look at three pieces of his advice and live happily, it’s worth it!

1. Do not think only about yourself.

If your thoughts revolve only around you and how great you are, sooner or later you’ll burn up. You will begin perceiving the environment as a threat. One should be friendly to others, but at the same time not allow oneself to be taken advantage of.
L’auteur (M. Ricard). Prairie à 4000 mètres d’altitude dans l’est du Tibet, le Kham, au mois d’Août, l’un des quatre mois de l’année où la température est clémente. Dans le lointain se dressent des drapeaux à prières. 2004

2. Train your mind.

Just as a marathon runner needs to prepare for a race, our mind also has to prepare for happy thinking. Ricard says that happiness consists of three ingredients: attention, emotional balance and grace. Think of them as the skills that you need to learn.

3. Think of something pleasant for at least 15 minutes a day.

Focus your mind on something pleasant and don’t let your thoughts scatter. If you try to do so every day, you’ll notice a change in as little as two weeks. Your feelings and perception of the world will then become positive.