3-year-old boy pointed out a murderer who killed him in his previous life. To everyone’s surprise, the criminal confessed!

The issue of reincarnation has been a topic of discussion for hundreds of years. Opponents believe that everyone has one life and that death concerns only the body, not the spirit. Supporters on the other hand are convinced that people are constantly being reborn, so images from previous incarnations may remain in one’s memory.

Everyone occasionally has the impression that something has already happened, and the feeling is called “déjà vu.” For people who believe in reincarnation this is proof that it actually does occur. Images from the past, not only in the form of short-term “déjà vu,” are seen by a boy from the Middle East living in the Golan Heights. One day, he confessed to his parents that in a previous life form, he was murdered with an ax!


Small children have a vivid imagination, so the boy’s parents didn’t give his stories of a past life much thought, although they come from areas of Syria and Lebanon where the Druze are present, an ethno religious group which believes in reincarnation. The boy’s tales were very suggestive, so the parents, not knowing if it’s just the child’s imagination or a fact, decided to confront his words with reality, but what they found completely shocked them.

Were the boy’s words going to be evidence of the reincarnation of people?

The boy remembered that in a previous life he lived in a nearby village, so his parents accompanied him there. The child showed them where the ax, which was used to kill him, was buried. To everyone’s surprise, an ax was buried exactly where he had pointed to. A coincidence? Most likely not, especially in the context of what was going to happen later.

A murder was supposedly committed in the vicinity of this village.

The child could also recall his killer’s name. When they met, the murderer turned pale, was clearly confused, scared and repeatedly nervously denied ever taking a person’s life. The case was about to go silent until the boy pointed to where the body was supposedly buried…

The boy precisely pointed out the place where the ax was buried. Would the same happen with the body?

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