30 most creative business cards ever invented. The developer’s ingenuity cannot be denied!

Most business people have a business card handy, which they will be happy to hand out to potential clients or business partners. As we all know, first impressions are important, and not only at social gatherings. This also applies to business relations, in which even the smallest details are important.

A custom designed business card will not provide huge success, but it will help make a good impression on the buyer or competition. To stand out from the crowd, a piece of ordinary cardboard stock measuring 50 × 90 mm is not enough, the need is for a cool idea that will intrigue people and after reading the information on the card, keep them from throwing it straight into the trash.

1. A plastic surgeon’s business card.


2. A cheese maker’s business card.

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3. A yoga trainer’s business card.


4. A fitness trainer’s business card.