30-year-old horse was supposed to be used as meat for wild cats. The deformations on his body paint a clear picture…

Through most of his life, Belgian horse Arthur experienced nothing, but hard work. He was used on agricultural farms in New England (United States). When he became weaker and couldn’t work all day, he became completely useless. 

At the age of 30 years he was put up for auction. He wandered from owner to owner until finally coming to Cindy Daigre, founder of Ferrell Hollow Farm Senior Horse Sanctuary in Tennessee. The woman found a photo and video of Arthur online. Not only was he extremely malnourished, but he was also being terribly treated by the woman taking care of him.


Cindy knew she couldn’t wait long, because the horse’s days were numbered. In the event when no bids would be placed, he was going to be used as meat to feed wild cats.


In total, she saved the lives of two horses – Arthur and his companion, Max. Arthur was so weak after arriving that the only thing he was able to do was lie on the ground. He had no appetite and struggled with a serious deformation of the spine.

Take a look at his remarkable metamorphosis. Pictures on the next page! 




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