30 years ago, his wife went blind. After this incident, her husband began digging in the garden. When you see what he created, you will be speechless!

The Kuroki House in Shintomi, Japan is besieged by thousands of tourists and reporters who want to see with their own eyes what 86-year-old Toshiyuki did for his beloved wife. The reason for the numerous visits is a large pink garden.

The whole story starts much earlier, in 1956. Toshiyuki and Yosako got married as a result of an arranged marriage. They quickly learned that they are meant for each other and share a deep feeling. They lived on a small farm with three children and raised cattle. They worked very hard, but never complained about their fate. They lived for 30 years together, loving and supporting one another in difficult times. Every year, they put aside money for a dream trip. They wanted to visit the 30 most famous monuments in the country.

In 1986, Yosako’s vision started getting worse. She immediately went to the eye doctor, but the visit didn’t help at all, and a week later the woman went completely blind. 52 year old Yosako, who had always been active and smiling now had to accept the fact that she would never see her farm or husband again.