31 Year-Old Was Fed Up With High Rent Charges. It Was Brave Of Him To Do That… But Look At This House!

People usually buy 2-4 room houses for hundreds of thousands dollars. Alek Lisefski, 31 year-old websites designer decided to build a small house 8×20 feet for $ 30,000.

There is no room for gathering useless things, so Alek is forced to spend more time outside, but being in such a place is a real pleasure…

A small house will provide Alex and his girlfriend Anjala with everything necessary.


Alek spent about $30,000 for this house, tools, equipment and trailers. He worked every night and weekend. It took him 7 months to finish the house.


He built the house on a trailer in Iowa, but after finishing it, the couple transported it to California where they currently live.