32 examples of Japanese objects that have no meaningful use

Japan is a country of many cultural traditions, incredible cuisine and cordial, warm people. It’s also a place where you can find many crazy things created for “consumer use” – but not all of these items have real and meaningful use.

Such products are called chindōgu, which means “extraordinary tool.” While most of the tools and products solve everyday problems, chindōgu products have no real use – and that’s the whole philosophy of these objects.

Look at these 32 amazing examples of extraordinary tools. Number 25 is really incomprehensible for me :P.

# 1. Mini umbrellas specifically for women who want to protect their heels from the rain.



#2. “Liberation Wrapper” – especially for women who want to cover their mouth while eating.

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#3. Pillows shaped like girls’ laps – special sleeping cushions for businessmen.

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