4 glasses of water drunk right after waking will change your life. Don’t believe it? Give it a try, you’ll be shocked!

Japan is a country in which a large portion of its inhabitants live to be a hundred! Currently, up to 40 thousand people living there crossed this magic age barrier and they feel great. What’s the secret of their longevity? It may be caused by a simple ritual that children remember in the land of cherry blossoms.

What’s it all about? Drinking water right after waking up! Easy? Easy! Today we explain how to drink water in order to get such effects.


It’s worth using the magical effects of water. How do you do it? The solution is simpler that you think :).

When you just wake up, drink 4 glasses of water 140 ml each. It’s important to do this before you brush your teeth.


After drinking water, brush your teeth and thoroughly rinse your mouth. After that, don’t eat food for about 45 minutes to one hour. Let the water work in your body.