5 differences between true love and habit. Find out if you know everything about your relationship

Relations in a relationship tend to change and this is a normal and natural occurrence. The initial phase of fascination is replaced by a sense of trust and security. Oftentimes, strong love gets confused with habit and a comfort zone, from which it is hard to leave. It happens that some couples aren’t together because of love, but out of habit.

Understanding your differences allows them to be analyzed and kindling your relationship ensures that the love doesn’t fade away, and daily duties shouldn’t let you forget that next to you is the most important and closest to your heart person.


1. Love is not interest oriented, being attached is

When you fall in love with someone, you try to focus on making the other person happy and fulfilled at your side. You don’t measure which of you does more, you don’t make a fuss over basic duties such as making the bed or washing dishes. You do not manipulate your partner to achieve what you want.

When you’re with someone out of habit, all you think about is what you gain from being with that person. What a partner can give you to make you happy. You think about him/her only in terms of the bills that they pay, so it makes life easier for you.


2. Love is freedom, a relationship out of habit is control

In love, you can be the real you, not afraid to show weaknesses and walk without mask on your personality, because you know that this person loves you just the way you are. Love motivates you to act and doesn’t need control, because you trust the other person wouldn’t do anything to hurt you and nothing to destroy your relationship. You’re together, but that does not keep you from fulfilling your dreams and mutually benefiting from that.

Habit makes you want to have your partner under control. You know where they are, who they meet and why they spend time with friends. However, you can’t find anything normal about that behavior and that your partner might need a little time for themself. You try to manipulate the person you are with to do what you want, regardless of their feelings.