5 extremely interesting places you will never visit. Only few are allowed to go there

The world is full of intriguing locations which are worth visiting but an ordinary man does not have the access to all of them.

No access for general public may be caused by several reasons, e.g. there is something unique there and it needs protection or the owners of the place do not want any guests. Sometimes it is about the safety of visitors, sometimes it is about secrets hidden in such places. And so, attractive as the places are, they remain inaccessible. The places on the list below are impossible to visit. Why? Read about it.


1. Mount Weather Emergency Operations Center, Virginia

Only high-rank US officials can enter the complex. It is a shelter for the government in case of any danger. The center is hidden in a mountain and it is possible to govern the country from it. In that huge structure, there are emergency units and hospitals. There is enough space for people and all the necessary equipment. The place is run according to very strict rules and no unwanted visitors can get there.