5 magic tricks that anyone can learn! Impress your friends and show your new skills

Many people dreamed of having some great magical powers as children, e.g. making objects disappear or move using only their eyes. Unfortunately, man has no such power, but has been trained extensively in the art of creating illusions, which we will learn the mysteries of today.

Magic tricks tend to be complicated and difficult, because their effects completely deceive the senses and intellect of viewers. Unfortunately, we have bad news for magic fans: everything can be rationally explained, and an amateur magician can be anyone who adopts a technique of performing various tricks. Start by learning these 5 tricks, and you’ll certainly surprise your loved ones. Just remember, don’t disclose any of the details after the show, because everything will then be wiped of its magical charm.


An illusionist from Russia revealed the secret of his work. A video published on the internet shows how to perform these 5 popular tricks among novice magicians. When he presents them in the video for the first time, we guarantee that you’ll be deceived by your eyes. Fortunately, after each trick is presented once, it’s presented again, in slow motion, along with an explanation of how it was done.

Magicians often show the audience their hands to prove that they aren’t hiding anything.

What will surprise you in the instructional video are that the secret to all the magic tricks is incredibly simple and they can be pulled off because of our inattentiveness. What tricks does the Russian teach?

Trick 1: coin in a glass

Can a coin penetrate through glass? Theoretically no, but we can convince our eyes that this was exactly the case. Great reflexes and precision are all that matter here.

Trick 2: self-igniting match 

The illusion lies in cleverly and diligently hiding certain elements from the audience, and the trick with the matches will help you begin mastering these skills.

Trick 3: disappearing coin

Can anything be completely dematerialized and disappear? Certainly not a coin, but if we want this to happen, just find a clever storage area e.g. your pants pocket and a chance to get rid of it.

Trick 4: crazy rubber bands

You can start off your illusionist adventure with the rubber band trick. Pulling rubber bands onto your fingers can produce interesting effects, so you should know how to properly handle them so that the rubber band bounces off and creates the impression of e.g. cutting through the body.

Trick 5: braided hands

The audience is shocked the most by tricks, in which they participate themselves, and try to do tricks with the help of a magician, but they just don’t work out for them. So how is it possible that a magician can do something with our body, but we can’t? The art of illusion isn’t difficult, so we shouldn’t be afraid of bringing a little magic into our lives.