The ideal clothes for the 5 most common body types. With this cheat sheet, you’ll always be perfectly dressed!

We live in a time in which the traditional perception of beauty changes a lot. The symbol of a lovely girl is not a thin and tall model, but each of us! Everyone is different and can choose clothes in such a way so that they not only feel good, but also look good. It is worth paying attention to your own body shape and choosing the right clothes for it.

You’ve wondered more than once, what do those celebrities do to look so good? And yet, just like us, they have different body types and different heights. There’s no great secret to it, they just choose designs which fit the shape of their bodies and bring the best out in them. With our cheat sheet, it will be nothing hard for you as well!


1. Apple

Women with this body construction have bellies and small waistline. Medium sized breasts and narrow hips.

How to dress?

Make your body slimmer by wearing clothes which are streamlined, but not tight. Silk and cotton and will do the job just right. Emphasize your strong points, e.g. slim legs. Envelope button down shirts and a V-shaped neck will add charm to your appearance.




2. Pear

This type of figure is characterized by women who have hips wider than their shoulders. Oftentimes, they have a larger butt.

How to dress?

In the case of such figures you need to find a balance between the shoulders and hips. You can expose the shoulders and wear a boat neck. A good solution would be a poncho or shawl. You can also emphasize the buttocks, but the rest of the body in this case should be maintained at the gym. On the next page you will find out about the rest of the shapes.


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