5 mysteries of our world which have never been explained. Will we ever learn the truth about them?

Cause, course and result – this is the easiest format for describing all occurrences and phenomena. Although it seems simple, sometimes supplementing it with reliable information is very difficult. 

Throughout human history there have been many events which are still considered unexplained. Scientists, despite decades of insightful analysis, are still unable to pinpoint what (or who) caused those events and the most difficult puzzles tend to be those in which a key role was played by a human. While science and technology is still evolving, we still lack the equipment to e.g. look deep into space or fully explore the oceans depths. That’s why the truth about many events will still have people thinking for many years.


1. Bermuda Triangle

The famous place of ship and aircraft disappearances is located in the Atlantic Ocean. Most often, the Bermuda Triangle is described as the area between Puerto Rico, Florida and Bermuda. The triangle is about 1,554,408 square miles in size and is still a mystery. Over the years ships and aircraft in that area have vanished without a trace, which can’t be explained even today, with the use of specialized and modern equipment. There are many theories explaining the causes of the disappearances, e.g.: explosions of methane on the ocean floor, disastrous microclimate weather, electromagnetic fields or the presence of aliens.


2. Beale Cipher

The cipher is supposed to indicate the hiding place of one of the greatest treasures in the history of America, the estate of Thomas Jefferson Beale. As legend has it, Beale in 1822 prepared three cipher texts, and the second one was to explain where in Bedford County (in the state of Virginia, USA) he had hidden gold, silver and precious jewelry. Although decades have passed, no one from the world of cryptography has managed to break the cipher, so each of us still has a chance to decrypt Beale’s message and find the treasure.

What other events or objects are a complete mystery to us? The answer is on the next page.