5 mysteries of our world which have never been explained. Will we ever learn the truth about them?

3. Phaistos Disc

The disk was found in 1908 on the island of Crete in the town Phaistos. The object is made out of clay and the time of its creation has been estimated to be in the Bronze Age. The disk is covered with mysterious ideograms, and the characters weren’t engraved but imprinted in the clay using precision stamps. Unfortunately, no one can read them, which is why many hypotheses about the disk exist around the world. Some say it’s a calendar, a guide, a game while others consider it a table that contains notes of little importance about our ancestors.

4. Lights in Hessdalen valley

In Hessdalen valley in Holtålen County, Norway strange movements of light can be observed. The lit up objects seem to dance in the sky, are very maneuverable and dynamic, and as you may already know, no one has yet explained what they are. The lights have been appearing for two centuries, and in the eighties they had an increased presence. Some believe that the lights are plasma and others that it’s evidence of the presence of UFOs. The lights are currently being investigated and monitored by a specially appointed group of researchers.


5. WOW Signal

A WOW signal defines radio signals coming from space and it was intercepted in the seventies by Dr. Jerry R. Ehman. The signal lasted for 72 seconds and came from the vicinity of the Tau Sagittarri star, located 120 light-years from Earth. Why the term “WOW”? It was the initial reaction of its discoverer. In later years, there were many attempts to re-intercept the signal, using more and more sensitive equipment to do it, but all the attempts have failed. Unfortunately, we don’t know who transmitted the signal and what they wanted to tell the people of Earth, or maybe the signals are just the sounds of gasses floating in space?