5 phenomena that have been confirmed, but no one can explain

Science is developing at an alarming rate, what was a few years ago part of the movies and Sci-Fi books is now reality. We can research many things, reach different parts of the universe. Despite all that, there are still things that we don’t know about. Research, testing and vast funding for finding solutions to puzzles have just caused us to have more hypothesis.

Learn more about the secrets that still cause scientists to either give up or trudge on. Either way, the solutions are still missing.

1. Taos Hum

The low-pitched sounds appearing all the way from Canada to New Zealand cause anxiety and stress. However, it gets worse, because in the Taos area they’re so strong that they cause insomnia, dizziness, and in extreme cases, suicide. Scientists haven’t found the source of the sounds. Some suspect that they’re connected to secret government testing and others point to aliens.


2. Déjà vu

It’s a strange feeling that leads us to believe that we had already been in such a situation at some point in our lives. The impression that something had already happened is very difficult to study, because it cannot be artificially induced. Scientists are of the opinion that it may be a change in the time coordination of the brain or something that we’ve previously dreamed about.