5 questions you need to ask yourself, when bad thoughts fill your mind

Bad thoughts descend on all of us. Problems occur at work, at home and sometimes you just have to survive somehow. We can’t give in to them and allow them to control our lives. The evil thoughts that appear in our heads steal the joy out of life, so you have to get rid of them as soon as possible.

How should you go about doing it? It’s worth taking a moment to find their source. It’s not worth keeping them around, because they will only become ever more overwhelming. Then ask yourself a few questions to help deal with them.

1. Is it true?

Do dark thoughts revolve around events that have already taken place, or do I rather ponder about things that have never happened and most likely never will?

2. Do my fears give me strength to act, or do they take it away?

Sometimes thoughts about the negative consequences, e.g. of our laziness are motivating and compel us to work. If this isn’t the case and negative thoughts are paralyzing you, get rid of them, fast!

3. How can I use these thoughts to make life better?

Negative thoughts can be easily overcome by searching for counterarguments. Try to change fear into motivation.

4. What do I need to do or what shouldn’t I do, to make my life more positive?

Maybe changing just a little is enough to gain a lot?

5. Am I avoiding doing something that I should be doing?

Bad thoughts often arise in these situations, because you know that you need to do something which doesn’t sit well with you.