5 white poisons, which are in your kitchen. You need to give them up as soon as possible!

The diet of such a person is rich in five very unhealthy ingredients. By consuming them continuously for a long time, we expose the body to serious diseases that are hard to treat. All of these products are low in fiber and nutrients, yet people often prepare them in meals.

Did you know that eating rice 5 times a week increases the onset of diabetes by as much as 17%? This is just one example of how harmful and dangerous popular food products can be.

5 white poisons, which are in your kitchen. You need to give them up as soon as possible! 2

1. Refined flour

Cereal grains consist of up to 85% of starch and only 15% of the shell contains enzymes and vitamins. It’s essential for the body to digest and absorbed a large amount of starch. White flour is unfortunately devoid of the casing and in order to digest a slice of white bread, the body takes substances from its own reserves. So, this product is very hard to digest and undigested starch swells in the intestinal tract, thereby disrupting the process of digestion. In addition, the flour contains little fiber that is needed for proper bowel function. A diet rich in this ingredient leads to constipation, diabetes, hemorrhoids and digestive problems.

A healthier replacement: wholemeal flour.


2. White sugar

The main source of “empty calories” and what leaches nutrients out of the body. Just two teaspoons of sugar can upset the balance of biochemistry for several hours. To digest it, the body draws needed substances from the tissues. After some time, many people feel a shortage of minerals, which include magnesium, calcium, and zinc. The frequent consumption of sugar contributes to diabetes, osteoporosis, anemia and heart disease.

A healthier replacement: honey, stevia.


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