6 dog behaviors that you definitely know well, but do you know what they have to say?

Dogs are very intelligent animals that are easily trained. We tell the dog “paw” so long until it gives it to us, and we become convinced that our pet understands what we say. Unfortunately, we will never know how our words are heard and understood by dogs. Just like we will never learn how to talk to each other by barking.

The lack of using a language isn’t an obstacle for effective communication, what all dog owners are well aware of. And although the animals cannot speak with a human voice, they can clearly communicate their needs and over time the owners get better at reading them. Dogs reveal their intentions with overall posture, the assumed position, the expression on their eyes or facial expressions. Every owner knows their pet well, so they can quickly and accurately read their needs. Some of the behaviors of dogs, however, are universal, so you should be get to know them, find out what they mean, which will positively impact your contact with the four-legged being.


1. The dog brings gifts.

If the animal brings a variety of items that means it wants movement and fun. Giving things, even those not suitable, e.g. to play fetch with, is a demonstration of positive feelings and an invitation to start a game.


2. Dog destroys items in the house.

Puppies bite things, because they have itchy gums, since their teeth are growing and this is how they relieve themselves. However, if an adult dog still makes this kind of trouble, it means that it must be stressed, bored or feels a strong fear of abandonment.