6 super-dirty items that you touch every day. Better be careful

Most people like cleanliness but are not necessarily fond of cleaning. Unfortunately, bacteria and dirt do not just disappear, and every day you have to spend time removing them. When cleaning, do not forget about everyday objects, the biggest breeding ground for harmful microorganisms. Dusting furniture, scrubbing the bathtub, washing dishes, polishing the floor and cleaning the windows are all obvious activities. Unfortunately, many people forget that from time to time, you need to clean other things of daily use.

We often forget about them, because as we reach for them several times a day, dust has no chance to collect on them and they seem to be relatively clean. Unfortunately, this is only a pretense, because in reality, they are a threat to our health.

Here is a list of these items we recommend you to clean!


1. Mobile

With the use of cellphones at work, at school, outdoors, in public transportation and in our stores, we keep touching them with our bare hands. We touch doorknobs and then our phones. In this way, different bacteria get to its surface, which is then touching our face.


Prof. Joanna Verran from the Manchester Metropolitan University warns us that the cellphone is a rife environment for bacteria. It is usually kept in a warm place, gathering our skin and sweat, all a potent breeding ground for microbes. The mobile phone can hold several times more bacteria than the toilet seat, which should be the best incentive for cleaning it frequently.

What else in our immediate environment is appallingly dirty? The answer can be found on the following pages.