7 Crazy Phenomena Of Nature, Science Still Knows Very Little About Them. Maybe You Will Reach Some Interesting Conclusions!

You feel sometimes that you have too little knowledge about the world? Don’t worry. Even the best scientists do not know everything. Around the world, every day there are things that many scientists do not know.

They examine, hypothesize, and when they think that they are already close to solve the problem … they are left with nothing. See the examples of such phenomena.

1. Migration of animals

Many species of animals migrate, different herds know when and where to meet. Why this knowledge still remains a mystery? Nobody knows.


2. Swoosh

There are few places on Earth where you can still hear muffled noise. This is e.g. in Taos in New Mexico. These noises can be heard by about 2% of the human population. In places of such noise these people are very annoyed.


3. Animals falling from the sky

There have been many such cases. In 2000 in Ethiopia thousands of fish fell from the sky. It is believed that they have been kidnapped by the storm and transported above the ground. However, an interesting question arises – why all the animals are of one species?