7 important things which you need to know about remembering and forgetting

Have you ever imagined life without memories? You can’t, right? Memories are like small pieces of a big puzzle – together they form a picture of your life. We have a tendency to discard bad memories and cherish pleasant ones. However, our brain has its own plan for bad memories. Why does our brain remember that embarrassing situation from decades ago, and can’t remember that one important meeting in the near future?

Take a look at what logic guides the brain and see what can be done to better forget and remember.


1. You can memorize new information, just because you forget unimportant memories

The brain decides what is important and what is not. The brain decides what information you remember and where it’s stored. You remember your wedding day or a stressful event, because the brain doesn’t get rid of those kinds of memories. However, our brain forgets daily concerns so that valuable space isn’t wasted. This is called the eraser effect.


2. You can force the brain to remember something

Our brain protects us and ignores, as well as forgets, all the small events that occur during the day, because we would have otherwise gone mad. If you want to remember something, talk about it, as if you were talking to someone. You can also repeat this process so that it becomes embedded into your memory.


3. You have knowledge, which you don’t even know about

When a person suffering from amnesia received a few words to learn by heart, he couldn’t complete the task. However, when he received a list of sentences, in which he had to fill in the blanks with just those words, he managed right away. Why? Our brain remembers a lot and we don’t even have a clue about it.

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