7 rules, which if followed, help build a long-lasting friendship

Everyone probably dreams of having a real friend, since we all want to have a faithful companion close to us, whom we can trust wholeheartedly and always count on.

Building lasting friendships isn’t easy, because having a friend isn’t only about the joy and benefits, but also responsibilities and dedication. If we expect attention, discretion and loyalty from someone, then we also have to be able to offer it to them. Knowing that a relationship with a friend may not last forever (as opposed to familial relations) pushes people to try and earn someone’s friendship and respects everything which they had built so far.

Here are 7 rules, which if followed, will make your friendship stronger and long-lasting:


1. Talk about serious subjects

Difficult conversations about real-life occurrences always bring people together.


2. Forgive each other

Holding a grudge against someone, makes building a lasting friendship with them impossible.


3. Keep your word

Breaking promises is a friendship’s biggest test.