7 signs that someone from your society can be depressed. A matter that cannot be ignored!

Have you realized that your friend has changed lately? A change of mood or behaviour is longer than usual? When you see your best friend angry or sad you just acknowledge that he or she must be tired or stressed. If something was wrong he would surely tell you. But it’s not always that easy to explain what our behaviour is about. Sometimes we can’t see it ourselves.

Depression is a deceptive illness which attacks people of different ages. Its symptoms are different for each person and very subtle. But if you see any signs happening to your close one, don’t hesitate to react, it could save a life!


1. Your friend gets aggravated for no reason.

Most people think that depression is a state of constant sadness. In reality, people which suffer this illness will often feel anger and irritation.

2. Your friend can’t sleep.

One or two nights without sleep mean nothing. But constant sleeplessness can be a big problem and can enforce other symptoms of depression.