7 things that you should always keep secret

It’s a human nature that largely determines what other people know about them. It is effusive and everyone will talk about their problems, concerns, or keep it for themselves. Some have such a nature that even if they swear and promise, they can’t manage to keep a secret.

But, there are secrets in our lives, which we should not expose. They do not bring any good and may even turn against you..

1. Do not talk about your most ambitious plans

Be silent about them until you fail to reach them. Long-range plans are weak points and badly designed stages, if you don’t brag then no one will notice. Someone can simply use your idea, improve it and implement it faster.


2. Do not boast about generosity and benevolence

The biggest advantage of doing something good is being silent about it. When someone finds out, they will appreciate that you are doing it from the heart. So, when you brag, you come out as arrogant. You know what kind of opinions circulate around the stars who have gold on when posing for pictures with poor skinny children. Exactly.


3. Don’t brag about successes

Were you able to stay on a diet, overcome all day lazing in bed and get active. That’s very good, but you do not have the right to talk about it to anyone. You will be taken as a braggart and arrogant. Enjoy your successes and work on the next one, in the end you are doing it for yourself.


4. Do not brag about heroism

You have shown courage, you’ve done something that others would never have dared to do. Bravo. However, remember that firefighters risk their lives daily to rescue others. If someone appreciates you kindness, that’s great, but if keep talking about it in circles and praise yourself, you’ll come out to be arrogant at best.