7 unsolved mysteries that can scare you! Read them if you aren’t afraid!

We all like watching crime series where the culprit is caught in 40 minutes and is punished for his crime. There is no perfect crime, there are always traces that a criminal leaves behind.

Unfortunately, in real life, it’s sometimes otherwise. There are crimes that nobody can explain. Here are some of them:


1. SS Ourang Medan

In June 1947, a vessel in the Malacca Strait began sending distress signals to several ships in the area. The message read: “Everyone, including the captain are dead and lying on the bridge. They probably are all dead.” Then, after a moment of silence the words “I’m dying”. The crew of an American ship which came to rescue found that the entire crew was dead, frozen in strange poses, as if they were reaching for something. Silver Star began to tow the vessel to a port, but a fire broke out in the lower parts of the ship, so they cut off the rope before everything exploded. To this day, no one knows what happened to the crew of the ship.


2. Caroline Walter

This tragedy took place in Freiburg, Germany in 1967 when Caroline died at the age of 16. Her sister a sculptor if he could create a life-size statue of her on the grave. For 148 years after the girl’s death someone has been leaving the same flowers near the hand of the sculpture.