7 valuable life lessons from Albert Einstein

Albert Einstein was a great scientist. This undeniable fact has also been confirmed by the latest studies that prove his theories. He was not only an outstanding physicist, but also had a lot to say about life. He understood how important imagination and the development of the brain are.

The human brain does not like inactivity, stagnation and laziness. The more jobs it has, the better it works and does not age. Take a look at some interesting insights and motivational statements by Einstein himself.


1. “The measure of intelligence is the ability to change”

Everything around you is changing. The economy and culture are evolving every day. Whatever the job, you have to watch what happens in the world, because it has a real impact on your work. You always have to be up to date.


2. “Education is what you remember, after you have forgotten what you learned in school”

Always develop something, at which you were good at in school. Education does not end with the receipt of a diploma. If you were good at learning foreign languages or playing an instrument in school, do not give up on it. This may be your passion, but also a way to earn money.


Governador Jaques Wagner inaugura Centro de Educação Cientifica de Serrinha. Foto: Manu Dias/AGECOM

3. “I have no special talents. I am only passionately curious”

Dreams and goals are the engines which drive the actions that are taken. Don’t just say “I want to earn more,” you have to start working in that direction first. Curiosity leads us to explore new things and act on them, and hence development.