7-year-old boy saved a drowning 2-year-old! The child survived only thanks to his bravery

Caring for a small child requires great attention and care from an adult, as curious infants aren’t aware of the risks that surround them and unknowingly expose themselves to danger. Unfortunately, these American parents have forgotten about that.

In one of the neighborhoods in the town of West Valley City, Utah, a tragedy almost occurred because the parents of a two-year-old boy weren’t paying attention. The adults, busy unpacking their bags, lost sight of the boy, and the unsupervised toddler left and entered the garden, then went onto a street, then squeezed through a security gate and entered the pool area. Unfortunately, after a few minutes, he fell into the water and help quickly came in the form of …another child!


Cesar Galeana is a resolute seven-year-old, who went to visit his cousin to play video games one unlucky day. Walking next to the fence of the outdoor pool, he heard a splash. This made him enter the swimming pool grounds where he saw that a little boy is desperately trying to stay afloat in the water. Cesar without hesitation jumped to his rescue.

Cesar was worried about noises coming from the pool area and decided to see if anyone needs help.

Fortunately, the boy managed to pull the drowning infant out, although as he mentioned, he was afraid that he would be too late. Next the brave Cesar alerted adults in the area to call for help. After a few minutes, an ambulance had already been dispatched to the site, which took the two-year-old to the hospital.

The whole situation had a toll on the boy who understood how serious it was.

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