8 herbs and spices that will grow on your windowsill

Healthy and tasty food is becoming increasingly popular. We try to make what we eat good for our body. As we know, the fresher the products the better. Herbs and spices are an integral part of tasty food. And thanks to the fact that you can plant them on your own windowsill, you’ll always have them at hand.

It isn’t difficult. 8 See examples of plants that are easy to grow in your own kitchen, and that will enrich your meals with delicious flavors.

1. Oregano

This plant isn’t very demanding when it comes to the ground, but needs a lot of sun and a good watering. The seed should be planted at a depth of about 0.2 in (0.5 cm) into the ground. Initially water it 3-4 times a day until the plant grows, then every other day.



2. Melisa

It should be approximately 0.8 – 6 in (2-15 cm) away from other plants in a pot. If you want to have a lot of leaves, cut the flowers as soon as they appear.



3. Thyme

The roots must be about 6 in (15 cm) deep. Moisten the soil with a spray and plant a seed at a depth of approx. 0.4 in (1 cm). Before the sprouts appear, don’t let the ground dry. Thyme needs moderate watering.



4. Sage

At first use just a small pot, but with time it will need more space. Sage should be planted in moist soil. stilenaturale