8 things you don’t know about your mobile. No 6 is shocking!

Everyone has a mobile phone, but only few of us use all of its functions. About some of them we quite simply just don’t know but as seen as we start using them, life becomes much easier.

There are a couple of life-hacks connected with using your smartphone. Here we present eight of them!


1. You can get better signal by turning on flight mode.

When you lose reception in your phone, reconnect by turning on flight mode. After returning to normal mode your phone will connect to the closest transmitter which can increase your signal significantly.

2. Keeping you phone in a plastic bag.

It’s a good idea if you’re planning to spend time by water. You can secure it from sand and getting flooded.
If you’re on board a plane and want to watch a movie. Hang a bag with your phone in it in front of you.

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