8 useful Facebook options, that you probably didn’t know

Nowadays, especially among the young, it is a big surprise that somebody may not have an account on a social network. Most of us have Internet in a phone and consider it normal to communicate via social media, posting pictures or sharing our own experiences with others.

Although we use Facebook every day, there’s a lot of options we have no idea about, but they can make our lives easier.


1. Messages from unknown users

Few people know that we have two inboxes. In one you receive all mail from your friends, and in the other you’ll find messages from people who are not your friends. It’s worth looking there from time to time, because you could overlook cool events and contact requests from people who have not yet joined the ranks of your Facebook friends.

To read these messages, just click on the icon “Message Requests” and choose the second tab to the left called “Filtred.



2. Check where you are logged in

Did you sign in on a friend’s laptop and don’t know whether you logged out? You want to avoid the “funny” post, which your friends can leave, or to know if someone is not using and viewing your FB on another computer? You can check where you have been logged in!
Click “Settings,” then, on the left, “security”. Select “Where You’re in” from the list and you’ll see where you are logged in. When you want to log out, simply finish the activity on the specified computer.

3. Make sure that you will not be hacked

If you have doubts about the security of your account, you can use an application that will send you e-mail and SMS every time you will are logged in from an unknown browser. You type your password and then a confirming password , which you will receive on your phone number.

Click “Settings”, then “Security” and select “Login Approvals”.


4. Account Supervisor

You can indicate a person who will be responsible for your account if you won’t be able to use it. This person may respond to the invitation, pin posts, but they cannot see your messages or publish as you. This person will be able to delete your account, if you leave this world.