80-year-old asked her granddaughter for a professional make-up application. When you see this metamorphosis, your jaw will drop!

80-year-old Livia Mulač lives in a nursing home in the Croatian city Pula. She is proud of her talented granddaughter who has been into make-up since she was a child. She tried different make-up techniques even as a little girl and her grandmother was her first model. The girl recently decided to somewhat improve Livia’s neglected face and shared the results on the internet. It came out better than she thought it would!

On her Instagram page you can see other interesting metamorphosis. Nonetheless, the change in the appearance of her grandmother makes the biggest impression. The 80-year old looks to be younger by several years. And it’s all thanks to well-chosen cosmetics and vast skills of the 32-year-old girl.



Livia is extremely pleased with the positive feedback and many favorable comments on the internet about the transformation (she gained the nickname of Glan-Ma). She already can’t wait for her granddaughter’s next visit and for another transformation. She says that her life has changed for the better and that family and friends call her a star.


She is the type of grandmother, who was and still is modern. Not ashamed of her wrinkles and old age, but as soon as I say something about a make-up session, she always agrees. She often says: why not, I’ll attend a ball in the nursing home in full make-up and I’ll look 30 years younger.