82-year-old retired NASA engineer shocked everyone! You won’t believe what he sang on a TV show

A man is supposedly as old as he feels. If this were true, John Hetlinger is a brisk twenty-year-old, and not an 80-year-old gentleman, since his performance had so much energy that the other young singers can only envy him.

The man recently performed in “America’s Got Talent” and showed everyone that music can be enjoyed at any age. All you have to do is be brave and have the willingness and passion, and he definitely didn’t lack these qualities in his life, being that he was a military pilot and NASA engineer who worked on the Hubble Space Telescope. Now that he’s retired, he has more time, so he dove into the world of music.


Usually, older people avoid loud and fast-paced music and choose peaceful melodies, but not John Hetlinger, who’s fascinated by heavy metal! This genre gives him the energy to have fun, since he decided to sing a song that belongs to this genre for his performance on the TV show, which completely caught the audience off guard.

Heavy metal music is not really the generation of our grandparents, but Johnny is a big fan of it.

The elderly participant chose the song “Bodies” by Drowning Pool. Although, at times, his vocal abilities were mediocre, we have to admit that the performance was exceptional. You can see that the man loves this type of music and as soon as he hears the sound of guitars and the drums, he enters his own world and sings with his whole heart.

Would you want to have such a grandfather?