Here Is A List Of 9 Animals That Kill People. Number One Is Shocking!

Every day as a result of the animal attack die a few people in the world. It should not surprise us, because there is a lot of wild lands and the civilization does not develop everywhere in the same pace. Animals attack, carry diseases, are monstrous thereby they kill, they poison with venom…

Here are 9 animals responsible for killing people:

9. African buffalo – this 1.5 ton huge creature with sharp horns is able to destroy everything. Not because it wants people blood, but when it feels in danger, buffalo can attack. African buffaloes kill about 200 people a year.


8. Elephant – Having 13 meters high and weighing 6800 kg inevitably people are dying as a result of contact with him. About 500 people are killed each year, usually as a result of the being trampled by this great animal.


7. Crocodiles – everyone expected a crocodile on this list, surprisingly, surprising is that it is not on the first place. As a result of violent attacks of crocodiles about 1,500 to 2,500 people are killed every year.