9 reasons why it’s harder for smart girls to find a guy

Finding love isn’t all that easy for everyone. Especially if you’re a woman with a higher IQ, it’s more difficult for you to find a satisfactory relationship. Social norms have accustomed us to the stereotypical thinking that a woman who is single certainly has something wrong with her character. That’s just not true.

Reasons for why smart women have a much harder time are many. We’ve compiled nine of them.


1. Smart women are not afraid to be alone

They know how important it is to be honest with each other, so they don’t intend to be stuck in relationships that are one-sided. They don’t want to be with someone just because they’re afraid to be by themselves. They want to be with someone who understands them and with whom they’ll be able to be themselves.


2. They know what they want

Every woman has a certain vision of a man with whom she’d like to be with. Intelligent woman will look at a man’s traits of character, ones that will form the base of a good and consistent relationship.


3. They don’t need a guardian

Smart women are able to fend for themselves. They know what to take care of and where to do it. Historically, a woman has always flown off from under her father’s care, straight under the wings of her husband. Intelligent woman don’t need instructions on how to do something. This is what may in turn deter men.


4. They don’t run around from one date to the next

Career, friends and good health. Meeting with friends or going for a bike ride is more interesting than going on a date with a stranger.

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