9 ways to save time in the kitchen! I didn’t know that it’s so simple!

Even if you love to cook, there are days that you do not have the time for it and making something quickly and efficiently could be worthwhile. It would be best for a dish to appear instantly and then you could turn to other tasks. Sometimes friends visit us unexpectedly and it’s foolish that it just so happened that you have no idea what to prepare.

The tips below will show you that many things can be made from just about nothing. Just as soon as you try 😉

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1. Cans

It is worth having a few cans in the pantry just in case. Stocking up on tuna, tomatoes, corn or beans gives you the possibility to make a quick salad, and even a whole hot meal.


2. Quick burger

When you have some free time, prepare the meat and fry it. Meat pies can be frozen and whenever needed, pulled out of the freezer and reheated on a pan. Then a bun, tomato, lettuce and it’s ready!


3. Quick herbs

To save time in the future, you need to do something today. Wash, dry and chop the herbs, and then put them into the freezer in bags. You can freeze them flat, so that it’s easy to break a piece off and use as an ingredient in a dish. You can also use an ice cube mold and pour water or olive oil over the herbs.

4. Do not be afraid to freeze

Vegetables that are frozen immediately after harvest retain more vitamins, and when thrown in boiling water, are ready in minutes. Sometimes we prepare more than we need for dinner and we are left with a ready-made and tasty meal. Do not wait until the leftovers go bad, instead put them in the freezer and when you do not have the time to cook, they will be a lifesaver. You can also freeze bread and grated cheese! And that’s not all! Take a look at the next page and see how you can cleverly save time!

And that’s not all! Take a look at the next page and see how you can cleverly save time!