90% of society can’t guess what animals is hidden in the picture. Can you accept this challenge?

There’s a lot of people, who have a born predisposition to see things that other people aren’t able to notice. They say that only 10% of people can succeed with the riddle below. Here’s a hint: there’s an animal hidden in the black and white square.

The picture shows an illustration made by Ilji Klemencova. She took part in a student poster competition for the WWF organization (World Wide Fund for Nature). Just as you can assume, she won first place. The poster is called “They Can Disappear” and sheds light on the problem of endangered species on our planet. Comparing them to an optical illusion, she reminds us of their decreasing numbers and makes us think deeply about it.


Are you among the lucky few, who can see more than just black and white zigzags? If you can, then post it on your wall and get your friends to take part in the fun.

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