90-year-old kindergarten teacher saw one of her former students on TV after 30 years. What happened next is quite moving

Most people were lucky enough to attend kindergarten in their childhood. In this land of carefree fun, the kindergarten teacher played a very important role, watching over everybody, showing the world, encouraging their student’s to learn and surrounding them with care, like a second mother.

When children grow up, they reminisce about their teachers and what they had been taught by them. Teachers also speculate what their former students are currently doing in life. In the eyes of a good teacher, each student is important, unique and memorable. Such a teacher certainly was and is Lorly Schik, a 90-year-old kindergarten teacher from Minnesota, who after 30 years recognized her student, who was a news anchor on television.

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Ms. Schik lives in a nursing home and often recalls memories of the days when she worked at a kindergarten. She has always loved her profession and never regretted choosing it. As she says herself, she remembers each student, so when she saw a new anchor on the news, she was sure it was Cory Hepola, whom she taught thirty years ago. Although he has changed a lot, she recognized him right away.

Teachers never know when or where they’ll meet their former students.

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After seeing Cory, the retiree decided to send a letter to his parents, in which she wrote:

“I feel pride when I watch my student on the news program on channel KARE 11. I still have a picture of him with his brown hair sitting in the classroom. Please convey my greetings to Cory and tell him that his 90-year-old teacher is doing well and that I enjoy watching his program. I wish him and you all the best.”

Although 30 years had passed, Mrs. Schik remembered Cory and his parents very well.

How did the student’s meeting with his kindergarten teacher unravel? You can read about that on the next page.  

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