90-Year-Old Woman Found A Diary From The World War II. See What She Discovered!

Laura Mea Davis, a 90-year-old woman, recently went to the World War II Museum in New Orleans to see the presentation in honour of her school love – Captain Thomas Jones.

She was prepared for the emotional experience … but what she discovered was beyond her wildest expectations.

“I had no idea that this journal exists.” The woman burst into tears when she saw it. The diary contained the photo of Laura that the captain had all the time with him.


This is the captain Thomas “Colton” Jones. He was killed by a sniper in Japan.


A note sent to his family after his death.


The diary’s introduction was as follows: “This is a story of my life in U.S. Marines and my love to Laura Mae who possessed my heart. If there will be a chance, please give this diary to her. This is my last wish.”