92-year-old man bids farewell to his beloved wife, singing her an extraordinary song

Music and love often go hand in hand. Many couples in love have a favorite song of theirs that he and she associate with the most wonderful and touching moments in their relationship. Surely many of you would confirm these words – I am 100% convinced of this. 

Moreover, this song may accompany those in love through their whole lives! Laura and Howard were married for 73 years – fate had given them the gift of a long life and beautiful love. Unfortunately, one day the 93-year-old woman found herself in the hospital in serious condition, and her already fragile life was hanging by a few thin threads. No wonder that at that moment she wanted to be with her closest family, and above all, her beloved husband. To hug his wife, perhaps for the last time, 92-year-old Howard stood up from his wheelchair, looked straight into the eyes of his love and sang her a song that had accompanied them almost from the beginning of their relationship. “You’ll Never Know” sung by an older man really touches the heart…


Howard sang this song to his wife for the first time, when he embarked on his journey to fight in the Second World War, and in subsequent years it accompanied the couple’s most important moments. For example, they divided it into roles, and sang it when renewing their wedding vows on their 50th anniversary.

An extremely touching video which you can watch below, filmed by the couple’s granddaughter, shows the elusive and fragile moment.

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