Unbelievable. 95% of people don’t know how to properly use the toilet

All people on earth, regardless of their place of residence, skin color or religion, are joined in the feeling of the same needs: sleeping, eating, and excretion. While the first two are discussed quite frequently, a curtain of silence has been drawn on the subject of going to the bathroom.

Our health is affected by many issues: daily diet, amount of rest, physical activity, stress or using stimulants. But few people know that we can harm our body (especially the digestive system), because of how we sit on the toilet. This issue turns out to be very important, because when our intestines are properly positioned, they work optimally and without unnecessary effort, but on the other hand, they’re unnaturally squished when in the wrong position.


If you have stomach problems, it’s worth considering whether this is not just the result of improper toilet usage. It’s said that a negative seating position is that of 90 degrees (the angle between the torso and hips). In this position, our internal organs are unnaturally bent, which shuts off the ability for fluids to flow through them. Going to the bathroom in such a position requires extra effort.

This is the most popular way of sitting on a toilet and it’s very unhealthy.

Using a toilet daily in this manner can lead to persistent constipation, inflammatory bowel disease, hemorrhoids, and even colon cancer! The situation doesn’t get any better by swinging forward (bending), since the intestines are also pressed and cannot relax.

This is how our organs look in the wrong excretion position.